Thursday, September 04, 2014

I live in Africa

Jina langu ni Lauralin!  I am living in a different country, and learning a different language. 

I just wanted to share some quick pictures here - and invite you to follow me on instagram (thequeenlgi) as I post pictures there often.

 Here is the outside of where I am living -- the one on the left.  It's nice to feel a bit settled after moving around a lot since arriving.  It's a nice house that I'm sharing with one other person.  My main purpose for now is to learn Swahili.  I have an instructor that comes to the house and then I go out and practice it as I wander around.

My favorite place to go is Java House -- they are one of the few places I can find iced coffee and they provide free wifi :)

I recently took a trip North of Kenya, crossing the equator.  I grew up quite close to the equator (on a different continent, of course).  I remember there being a line, dividing the hemispheres, that you  could stand on.  Sadly there was no such line here -- but there were plenty of people looking to sell me cheap tourists trinkets around this sign. 

The Great Rift Valley is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.  I remember it well from my time here 18 years ago -- and it has not disappointed this time around.  During our visit up North we drove through it, and were able to see a rain shower in the distance.

Another benefit of this trip was the beautiful stars.  I'm a city girl, so the stars that I'm used to -- NOTHING like the amazing spectacle of stars out where we were staying.  Electricity had only recently reach the area (running water and flushing toilets still had not) and the area we were in hadn't yet paid for it.  With no lights around for miles, I was treated to a beautiful sight.

More pictures later!!

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