Monday, May 06, 2013

Book Review: Radical Dating

"It is a truth universally acknowledge by females of all ages, that a single girl in possession of a pulse, longs deeply for the love of a man."  - Radical Dating

I've been asked to be a part of a book blog tour this week.  I'm excited because it's for a book that I purchased and intended to read anyway -- if I had just waited I could have received the book for free, but at least this way I supported the authors.  :)  I'm familiar with the authors as I have followed their blog, Unlocking Femininity, for many years.  They have taken a stand on Biblical Femininity in a world that would reject such notions.  I've looked to them many times for their insight on current topics.  I've also known Sarah Bubar - one of the authors - as our families go way back.  Ok, disclaimers are out of the way!!

I wasn't necessarily excited about reading another book on dating -- I feel like I've read so many of them that I already know all of the things I'm doing wrong or all the 'right' things that I'm not doing, but I did want to see what these authors had to say.  I can honestly say that this was definitely not "another book on dating".  Not only was I engaged through the whole book, even humored by some of the stories, but I found myself being very convicted at times, and very excited at times about the possibilities of dating being different than what it had always been.

One of the things that I've always loved about the authors remained true -- they clearly know their Bible and they clearly love their Savior.  The entire first section is a great dissection of what the Word of God says, not just about dating but about the bigger picture of God's love and our purpose within His plan.  I have every intention of going back through this section in more detail and committing some of the scripture to memory.

The rest of the book deals with the more practical aspects of dating, but still steeped in Scripture.  I love the realness with which they approach such topics as "Can Bad Boys be godly Men?" (spoiler alert: they can't) and how to not be "that girl" (you know who you are). I think the part that I appreciated most was how they address the issue of purity.  They pull no punches, as I don't think we should in a fallen world that tries to convince us to get with the times.  I found myself lying in bed last night thinking through the truths that I read about and how they've already convicted me to work purity of mind and thoughts.At least one of the authors is married, and I love how she addressed common myths about how wonderful and perfect life is after you are married and you never have to worry about loneliness or purity again.

I think the part that I was most happy with was the final section that addressed the issue of still being single.  I can promise you that reading reading books is not a guarantee of finding a boyfriend -- TRUST ME, so until you hear otherwise, I'm single!  What I came away from this book with is the need to work on my relationship with God and let him take control of the rest of it.

"If you look anywhere other than the cross of Jesus Christ to make sense of your singleness, you will be disappointed and confused" - Radical Dating


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