Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Nook

Where do you like to read?  Do you sometimes see pictures of a place and just KNOW that you could read there?  There are several places that do that for me... a chair on the beach.. a little nook in a home... a book stuffy chair!  It's not like it's really all that hard to be inspired to read.  I sometimes dream of the elevator getting stuck between floors for hours so that I can just sit and read my book.  The nightmare end of that of course involves too many people on the elevator, the need to use the bathroom, or not having said book with me at the time.

I found this picture of a perfectly dreamy place to spend the day relaxed and reading.  I'm imaging it next to the ocean with lots of cold seltzer water and fruit at my disposal.  Where do you dream of reading?

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